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Amazon Prime & eBay Plus

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is what you’d call the Extra’s club. It’s a membership you pay to receive benefits like expedited 2-day shipping, access to daily deals and many other Amazon benefits –

The cost for Amazon Prime is $119 per annum or $12.00 per month. For consumers who buy regularly, the membership fee may be worth it for this alone.

For the seller, with over 150 million Amazon Prime members looking to take advantage of these discounts and savings, having that “badge” on your listings is sure to increase your sales. The Prime badge is guaranteed if you use FBA. FBM does not get this privilege.

What is eBay Plus?

eBay plus is simply eBay’s answer to Amazon Prime. It’s a paid subscription service that offers members extra benefits. The buyers are guaranteed free domestic delivery and return on over 15 million eligible items across the platform.

Also with the free shipping and returns, eBay plus offers exclusive deals and discounts that are not available to non – members. As a Plus member you can get early access to new release products and updates as well –

Even more incredible is that you can earn double Fly Buys points on any eBay purchase when you are a plus member. The annual fee to be an eBay Plus member is $49 per annum.

For the buyer this could be beneficial if they shop a fair bit on eBay. If, as a member you know by searching for eBay Plus items you could get some savings, you are more than likely to do that right?

What about as a Seller? Are there any benefits to eBay Plus? Anything that attracts more customers is a bonus right?  It’s true that listings with the eBay Plus badge do benefit from additional seller protections and inclusion in member-only promotions and sales events. There are many criteria that must be met as a seller to gain the eBayPlus badge on your products –

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