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How to Win The Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is the white box on the right side of the product details page. Shoppers can click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” If you’re the seller represented in the buy box, your product is the one that gets added to a shopper’s cart

Think of it as the very bottom of your sales funnel. You’ve poured all you’ve got into the top of your funnel, and the Buy box is that magical moment when they click the buy button.

So Why is the Buy Box Important?

There are two different types of sellers on Amazon. You have Amazon themselves and you have third-party sellers.  When you have several sellers selling the same product, they are all listed on the product details page.  The buy box is valuable real estate, and every seller wants their products selected when the consumer clicks “Add to cart”

It’s not surprising this is wanted territory. Statistics show that over 80% of Amazon purchases made on desktops are done via the buy box.  Also, with a smaller screen size, Amazon purchases through mobile are done in the buy box more frequently. Who wouldn’t want that space?

So, How Do I Get It?

The only way to get the buy box is to be the most outstanding. Naturally Amazon wants to promote those sellers who have exceptional products and service.  There are also several things you can do to improve your chances.

  1. Create a Professional Seller account.

No time for people who aren’t serious here.  If you want to get the most out of selling on Amazon, then it’s really time to step up and put your big pants on.  Becoming a Professional Seller is a pre-requisite of getting access to the Buy Box.

  1. Use Fulfilment By Amazon

This is by far a great option if you want to sell more and have most of the work done for you.  Naturally you must ensure that your prices are still competitive. We’ll discuss how to ensure that in our next point.

  1. Be Competitive

Amazon do not favour the person who has the lowest price always. However, it is something to take into consideration.  Using  a repricer is a way you can keep on top of price changes in the marketplace quickly. The quicker you can respond to a market change, the more the algorithm could favour you.

  1. Minimize Your Shipping Time

Naturally, if you are having your orders fulfilled by Amazon, this will not come into play for you. That’s because they take care of this for you. If you do choose to fulfill the orders yourself, make sure you are competitive in your price and delivery time.

  1. Give Your customers The Best Experience Possible.

Getting your customers to fall in love with you and your business is by far the most important thing.  Make sure you always do more than expected and they’ll continue to come back.  Also, turning them into raving fans by going that extra mile will ensure they’ll tell their friends as well.  Give great service and watch your business flourish.

Quite simply, the way into the Buy Box is to be the best you can be and then be better again. Amazon’s reputation relies on the sellers in the Buy Box, so naturally they are careful who goes in and who doesn’t. Give them every reason to choose you first.

For a more detailed look at selling on Amazon, have a look at their ‘Sell on Amazon’ page –

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