Creating a listing so that it attracts the maximum amount of search returns is vitaly important. Getting your products seen by potential customers and then dazzling them with incredible content ensures that your brand not only survives but thrives.

Whether it be listing your first products on a new marketplace, or fine-tuning an existing offering to maximise visibility, our creation and optimisation services guarantee results. Check out the case study on our Home page to see a recent success story.


The magnitude of eCommerce platforms and marketplaces now available provides more prospective revenue streams to you as a seller – however – this also introduces complexity and potential headaches in an attempt to keep your inventory levels in sync and your offerings discretely tailored to each differing platform.

Our integration services will ensure a perfectly synchronised view between your eCommerce platform and the marketplaces you wish to sell on. No more “out of stock” order cancellations or manual inputs – save your time and effort for more meaningful tasks.


Most successful business owners will concur that through any growth phase, there are too many things to do, with not enough time or in-house expertise to do everything to its fullest potential.

Outsourcing the day-to-day management of your eCommerce operations will free up a significant amount of time, whilst also putting a qualified, digital marketplace specialist in the driver’s seat.

Our Account Management offering is tailored uniquely to each customer’s needs based on existing investments, in-house skills, and your ultimate business objectives.


Whether you are a new small business, or an established corporate enterprise, eCommerce operations are considerably different to a brick-and-mortar business model and as such require a specific approach and skillset to ensure maximum visibility, sales and market penetration.

We offer specialist advisory services to help businesses succeed online. Whether your goals are to improve organic search rankings, understand what your competitors are doing, or even a simple health check for areas of opportunity/deficiency, we can guide you there.

Successfully driving high revenue via 3rd party marketplaces requires specialist knowledge and constant “finger on the pulse” management. 

Common account maintenance activities include addressing policy changes, product violations, listing errors and managing the influx of customer service enquiries. These tasks can be daunting and time-consuming. 

Inventory Tycoon takes the stress out of adding, optimising, and managing your product listings on these marketplaces, allowing you to watch potentially significant additional streams of revenue roll-in, whilst you focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Such results simply cannot be achieved with a non-dedicated capability, such as an existing in-house digital team, or through software that claims to automagically make you sales. 

We guarantee results in 90 days, offer our services with no upfront costs, and utilise a mutually beneficial commercial model that is bound to revenue performance

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The phone consultation and analyses will give you a better understanding of what you will be able to achieve by choosing to sell your products via Amazon & eBay. These will be part of an important strategic plan designed to help your business grow while keeping in-step with your existing overarching business objectives.

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