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Selling On Ebay – Ebay For Beginners

Starting any new business can be daunting.  Even if you’ve been in business before, starting something new and possibly unknown could pose as much a threat as doing it the first time.  There are also so many different ways to run a business these days.  Selling on Ebay is just one of these.  In this article, we’ll look at Ebay for Beginners and the things to look out for when using this business model.

Getting Started

Firstly, if you do not already have a normal Ebay account, you’ll need to set one up (link:  If you already have one set up, and your feedback is good, then you can use this to get started. The next step to selling on Ebay is to create a “seller account”. This cannot be setup until you have a normal account.

Setting these up is pretty easy and straightforward. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be guided through (Link: Once these are set up, you are ready to go and tackle the minefield.  Selling on Ebay is a viable option for a business. However, there are some things you must do before you start.

Important things to do before you sell.

Before starting any venture, whether it be selling on Ebay or doing anything else, I strongly advise doing in depth research.  This is so vitally important. Without doing your research, you will not have a clear picture of what’s already out there and what competition is like.  Even though I am a big believer of “not worrying about the competition” and “staying in your own lane”, it’s important that you have a grasp on what they are doing. This way you can stay one step ahead.

Selling on Ebay is not a new business. That is why you must be aware that you could be entering a saturated market.  There may be sellers who have been there for many years, and built quite a reputation. This does not mean you cannot come in. It simply means that you may have to find something unique about you, that makes you stand out from the rest.

Of course, if you have a product that is unique, Selling on Ebay could be an amazing option for you. If you have products that are exclusive to your brand, then much of the above may not apply.  Having unique products would set you apart from the crowd and make you stand out without you having to do much else.

However, if you plan on importing generic products, then you will have do work on finding something unique. This could be as simple as branding the products with your brand.  Another option could be asking your supplier to provide a unique colour scheme. Even adding extra bonuses to your products will give you that point of difference.  Being a newbie to the scene means it’s your time to be innovative and bring something new to the table.

Why Exceptional Customer Service Is Important

You will have to provide above average customer service when selling on Ebay. Especially as a beginner.  Having exceptional communication skills will be one advantage. Communicating effectively with your customers on Ebay will help towards positive feedback.  However, I have seen many traders’ receive negative feedback from buyers for things that were out of their control.  This can be very tough to swallow as often you get very little chance to respond to such feedback.

One way to avoid negative feedback is to ensure that your product descriptions cover everything.  This means making sure every piece of information your buyer may need to know is written clearly and legibly.  It’s vitally important that your customer is fully aware of all the information right from the get go.

If you take the time to do this then you can reduce the chances of negative feedback and your reputation slipping.  It can be a long and arduous process. However, once done, it may help you make more sales, and satisfy more customers. This is what you want.

The Importance Of Standing Out

Another pitfall I’ve seen on Ebay, and especially on Ebay for beginners is when traders choose to not stand out. Perhaps you find a gap in the market.  Perhaps you find a supplier of a product and you import that product.  You choose to sell generic products because it seems easier.  For the first few months you do exceptionally well.

Then all of a sudden, you notice some new competition.  They are selling the exact same product as you.  The trouble is, they are selling it from China at a much cheaper price than you can sell it for.  Sure it may take longer to have it delivered, however people are lapping it up.

This is when you discover it’s your supplier selling the product he sells to you.  You helped him identify a gap, and he can make much more money selling the product direct, than he can selling it to you at wholesale. Before you know it your sales drop and you are left with stock you struggle to move.

This happens on a regular basis. Because Ebay has no selling boundaries, there is very little you can do to stop it.

Follow This Advice And You Can’t Go Wrong

Even though this article mentions things that can go wrong, it’s not all bad. If you follow the advice in this article, and do a meticulous job of it, then selling on Ebay could be one of the best moves you’ve made this year.

If you do thorough research and know the market inside out.  Standing out from the crowd with a point of difference in your product, or making your product better than the rest. Or if you have a unique product to the market, then Ebay could easily be a complete winner.

Just be aware… By not doing these things to make yourself unique, then you could end up with a garage full of product that you cannot shift. This could leave you severely out of pocket and really dampen your passion for going into business in the future.

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