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What Are eBay Campaigns and How Can I Leverage Them?

eBay campaigns, or promoted listings as they are also called are a way for you to stand out on eBay.  With some categories having millions of listings, like women’s clothing for example, it’s important that are seen.  Promoted listings is a way to do just that.

So what are promoted listings exactly? Well as the name says they are listings that are promoted.  It is a form of advertising available to people who list in the following categories

  • Best Sellers
  • Moderate Performers
  • New listings
  • Seasonal Items

This service really increases your item’s visibility and this of course increases your chances of getting a sale. It does cost though.

Similar to Google’s AdWords, eBay promoted listings allow you to push your listings to the top of eBay search results and surpass the competition. To access the campaign option you must be an active store on eBay US, UK, Germany or Australia.

It is important that you are careful on how you use eBay campaigns.  You can only use this on 30% of your inventory at one time. It is recommended that you use promoted listings on your items that sell moderately well. These are the items that do ok organically. An extra boost on these products would definitely shoot them through the roof right?

You can also use eBay campaigns for higher performing items.  Using the listings to kick-start sales for new listings and for standing out in a crowded category are also great uses of this tool.

You do not want to use this service for your low volume items. The slow moving merchandise that doesn’t do so well organically. Sure, you’d end up getting more traffic to these listings. But if these items do not sell well normally, then really you’d be wasting the traffic.

It is important to note that eBay campaigns are not Pay-Per-Click but rather Pay-Per-Conversion. This means that you only pay the ad fee if a customer buys your product. So, unlike Google or even Amazon, you will not lose money when an individual clicks your ad but chooses not to purchase. eBay campaign bids are set as percentages with recommendations provided, making things easier for you when having to decide on what to promote.

For a detailed look at eBay promoted listings/campaigns, specifically how to set them up and manage them, click the following link –

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