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What would the costs be if you chose to put your business onto eBay? 

It really depends on the level you wish to play at. Like many things, the more you use it, the better off you are looking at the package deals they have available. Let’s start right at the very beginning though.

Listing Fees and Final Value Fees

For a brand new eBay user, you may choose the basic eBay account. This means you’ll be charged a flat fee of 10% for most items you sell.  There is a $750 maximum charge on this, so if you have some very high priced products, there is a limit to the amount you will pay.

There may also be other fees involved at this level, including listing insertion fees and optional listing upgrade fees.  Being fully aware of the fees you will pay upon listing and selling your items is imperative to your success. You can check these easily on the eBay fees page which is relatively easy to find –

There are many different options and packages available on eBay. The best thing to do is to visit the site and study these for yourself. This will give you a firm understanding of what it is you will need for your business.  You may even decide to go for one of the package deals right away, to reduce your costs.

Shipping Fees

Other costs you must consider if you’ve not done the online thing before, is shipping.  Most of your items can be sold around the world and you want to do that to capture the most sales. Many items do come with Free Shipping, however this is usually something the seller incorporates into the price when listing.

On eBay, this is your responsibility. You must open an account with a shipping company of your choice and ensure your customers receive the products they buy in a timely manner. There are companies you can hire to do this for you called Logistics companies. They will store your products, package them and send them on your orders.  This does come with extra costs as well.

What’s most important is that when considering the best options for your shipping needs, that the option you choose is cost effective. Be sure you are fully aware of all the costs involved so you do not get any nasty surprises when the bill comes.

Of course, if you are not new to the online world, this may not be a problem for you. Chances are you’ve already worked out the best method for you to get your products to your customers.

You may also be in the position where you can go straight into a package deal with your fees on eBay as well.  Whatever situation you are in, just be sure you do your research so that all costs are clear to you.

You can calculate postage rates for sellers using the postage calculator on eBay’s ‘postage for seller’s’ page –

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